Tips for creating a profile and applying online

Here are some tips to help you apply online for jobs with us.

You can apply for as many jobs as you want, but you must formally apply for each one separately.

Please make sure your application gives us evidence of your skills and experience relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Occasionally we may contact you about a vacancy that we think you may be interested in. However, that’s rare.

If you forget the password for your application profile, follow the usual process for resetting a password.

The email with the link for resetting your password may take as long as 30 minutes to arrive. If you haven’t received it by then, follow these instructions.

  1. Don’t repeatedly click the Forgot password button — it cancels any emails the system’s sending.
  2. Check your trash and junk folders.
  3. Check that the email address you entered for the reset was the same as the address you used to create your online profile.
  4. Make sure you spelt the email address correctly.
  5. Contact us at Include the date and time you requested the password reset, and we’ll investigate.

You’ll need to run the newest versions of browser and OS. They’ll enable you to access the site and ensure your data is protected.

If you click into our site and see a security message instead of site content, it’s probably because you’re using an older browser, operating system, or both.

The system accepts files up to 7 MB.

For your CV, we accept:

  • .txt
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .pdf
  • .rtf

For your cover letter, we accept:

  • .txt
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .pdf
  • .rtf
  • .jpg
  • .docm
  • .msg

Use your first and last names in the filenames for your CV and covering letter – for example:

  • AlexBrownCV

Don’t use spaces or special characters (&**^%@_), as our system may not accept your application.

Check these things if the system won’t let you submit your application.

  1. Make sure you answered all mandatory questions, marked with a red asterisk.
  2. Make sure your filenames contain no special characters, like & _* ^ % @.
  3. Check you haven’t missed the closing date. If you saved a draft application before, and can now only see the Discard button, the vacancy has closed and we’re no longer accepting applications.
  4. Check you’ve allowed pop-up blockers, otherwise you won’t be able to submit your application.

Here’s how to allow pop-up blockers on Chrome, Firefox, iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Chrome – how to allow pop-up blockers

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Click the Chrome menu in the top right corner
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Show advanced settings
  5. Under Privacy, click Content settings
  6. Under Pop-ups, select either of:

Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)

Allow all sites to show pop-ups

Firefox – how to allow pop-up blockers

Open Firefox

  1. Click the Firefox menu in the top right corner
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Show advanced settings
  4. From the Content tab, uncheck Block pop-up windows

iOS (iPhone and iPad) – how to allow pop-up blockers

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Safari
  3. Uncheck Block pop-ups

We save your application if your internet connection is interrupted

Our system saves a draft of your application if the submission process is interrupted for any reason. To access the draft:

  1. Log into our site
  2. Click My details
  3. Click the Draft job applications tab
  4. Click the Finish button to return to your application (and continue with your draft if you need).

If you don’t want to continue with your draft application, click the Discard button.

You can confirm at any time that we received your application. Do either of these things.

  • Check your email for a confirmation message about the specific job you applied for.
  • Log into the site again using your email and password. Click on My details, then the Jobs tab to see all your submitted job applications.

To replace the CV, do either of these things. Once you put your personal details on the registration page and upload your CV, your CV is uploaded to the Resume section of every application.

In the Resume section of your application, click the Browse button, then upload a new CV.

Go to the Person details page of your profile.
Scroll down to the Resume section and click the Edit button. A file browser window will open so you can choose a file to upload.

Each application needs its own specific cover letter, so this section won’t automatically complete when you apply for a different job. Upload a new cover letter for each job application.

We manage your personal information to meet the requirements of the Privacy Act 2020. We also comply with any other relevant laws.

For more about the privacy of your information, visit the ‘Privacy’ links on the screen of any vacancy on this website. They’re at the left side, and the bottom right, of the screen.

You’ll also find the links to the same privacy information on the Vacancy home page.

Find privacy information(external link)